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    1. Style selection: Generally, suits should choose single double row three button or single double row two button. Except for civil servants, government agencies, and public institutions that do not have slits in their jackets, it is possible to open them multiple times.
    2. Fabric selection: Jinan professional clothing manufacturer reminds you that the color tone should be dominated by gray black or navy blue solid colors, which is announced to be universal. The key points of a suit customization service project should pay attention to and consider some other factors, such as net weight, number of stocks, etc., which need to be carefully asked about the store. Although the number of pieces is very high, if they are woven loosely, this type is not advisable, and the actual situation depends on personal preferences and cost budget;
    3. Wool lining selection: In the case of customizing a suit, there is no need to be cost-effective on the fabric, as the application of adhesive lining is not a real suit customization. Therefore, a wool lining made of wool, linen, and horse hair should be chosen. The lining is a layer of fabric sandwiched between the suit fabric and auxiliary materials, which can make a suit more aligned after wearing. Do not be petty at this critical point. You can choose half wool lining or full wool lining, don't waste money customizing a suit with adhesive lining;
    4. Mastering size: Although the specifications should be controlled by the measurement engineer when customizing a suit, if you want to customize a suit that you are already satisfied with, you must communicate with the measurement engineer. For example, in terms of chest size, the standard wearing method is that the shirt should be exposed 1cm when hanging down. However, if someone likes to grow it a little longer or even to the palm of their hand, if you don't specify the specified length, they will customize it according to the tailored size for the suit. Of course, it will feel shorter, and the clothes and pants made in that way may not necessarily be the actual effect you want. Also, it is necessary to listen to the suggestions of the physical trainer to prevent wearing the wrong clothes;
    5. Sleeves: Due to the difference in anti-static properties, the fabric for good customized suits sleeves and the fabric for the human body will be chosen differently. Generally, the fabric for sleeves is patterned or checkered. In addition, many people think that a real button that can be opened is a good suit, but now even in many affordable stores, you can buy a real button suit that can be undone, and the price is terrifyingly low. Therefore, the standard for judging the quality of a suit is to see whether the left and right double-layer fabrics can be separated, rather than whether there are holes on the top or bottom;
    6. Buttons: Good custom suits, all cuffs are sewn with craftsmanship, and the buttons will be made of cowhide or platinum buttons. If you like them, you can also test copper or precious metal buttons, while plastic buttons often lower the level of the suit. Therefore, it will ruin your suit. When customizing a suit, pure natural buttons are used and customized according to craftsmanship. The buttons on the suit are very solid and stitch by stitch, which greatly elevates the level of the suit;
    7. Collar: The collar of a suit is difficult to sew, and the collar of the chest cannot be sewn very smoothly with each stitch. Therefore, this small regret has become a representative. If you see a row of threads with a consistent height, you can immediately identify the origin of this suit. If there are any other matters, please come to our website http://www.arubalasvegas.com consulting service








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